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UTS SOLUTIONS, Construction and assessment provider delivering Network Rail courses, Construction related courses, Health & Safety courses, First Aid courses, Fire Safety courses and many more. We specialise in setting up Safety critical courses and assessments using the sentinel scheme and construction related health and safety training.


We are specialist recruiter. It remains a great matter of pride for us that our well-trained multi-talented labour force have the required skills to take on projects of varying magnitudes. Whether you need civil engineers, Labourers, Trade work or even supervisors and project managers to oversee your entire project from start to finish, you can rely on our experts to find the right personnel with the specific skill sets. To discuss your requirements in detail, talk to a member of our team today.

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We are always concerned about improving the quality of our services.

We aim to provide high skilled and experienced professionals

We respect the established steps and deadlines.

We pay attention to the details.

We are efficient and guarantee the quality of our service

We learn from our mistakes and strive to move things as quickly as possible.


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Railway Safety Courses

Universal Track Solutions offers comprehensive nationwide railway safety courses. We specialises in the health and safety sector, so you know you are always in safe hands. Our Railway Safety courses, provides you with the knowledge and education you need to ensure your understanding of the safe working practices that are used in the UK that will keep you and those around you safe when working near or on the line.


We are the premier training organisation for construction training qualifications. We have expertise in delivering courses from entry level through to supervisory and management at Level 4,5 and 6 across a range of skills and trade areas. Our flexible approach to industry allows us to work closely with employers to move with trends and react to our customers’ needs immediately anywhere within the UK.

Health and Safety

Safety in the workplace permeates everything we do and stand for at Universal Track Solutions, it will come as no surprise that we offer an extensive range of Health & Safety Training Courses. This includes a range of courses from CITB Construction Skills, Safety & Environment Testing to First Aid at Work.

Other Courses

Every year there are numerous incidents involving reversing vehicles in British workplaces. Just under half of all incidents involving being struck by a moving vehicle involved reversing.

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If you have any question about any of our courses or not sure about what you need to start working on the railway or in the construction industry,
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We offer regular classes and training in the above listed courses and we have experienced trainers to guide you through.

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