Controller Of Site Safety COSS



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Course Description


Learners must be 16+ and bring along valid ID (Passport, Driving license or ID card) and must bring 2 Passport size picture. Also candidates must bring National Insurance and Proof of Address.

Candidates must already have a Valid PTS Sentinel Card with the relevant Medical and D&A assessments.

Duration: 6 Days

About COSS Initial

  • This course is designed to give candidates the knowledge and training to provide protection to groups of people who work on or near the track.
  • Candidates should at the end of the course be able to carry out the duties of the COSS to a competent level. They must also be able to accept OLP and CRP Documentation and accept Line clear Verification documents.
  • Candidates will also be able to test the conductor rail using a Live Line tester

Additional Information

Please note that you should have previously worked as a PTS Operative for a reasonable period of time to be able to take the COSS Course.

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